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6 On-The-Job Practices For A Healthy Workplace

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African American businesswoman relaxing at workA healthy workplace is a productive workplace. So it’s important that we all take measures to ensure that our working environments are both safe and the type that foster healthful lifestyles. However, many employers forget to consider the “health” aspect of their businesses when managing their staffs. Of course, there are injuries and illnesses that may develop outside of the workplace which business owners can’t do anything about.

But when employees return to work, fully capable of completing their assigned tasks, there are a few practices that can be implemented to help employees remain healthy. Remember that the healthier your employees are, the better they will be able to do their jobs – and the longer they’ll be able to do them! Let’s take a look at six on-the-job practices that can keep people healthy at work.

1. Start a breakfast program. According to HealthyChoicesAtWork.com, “Healthy eating habits in the workplace overall increase your productivity. This is because better eating habits = better brain function, and better brain function = increased productivity.” However, we all know people who rush in to work each morning after skipping breakfast in order to be there on time. With breakfast widely known as “the most important meal of the day”, you may want to offer some healthy options at work so that your employees never go without a bite to eat in the morning.

2. Make disinfectants available. There’s no accounting for people’s hygiene habits That is, unless you’re able to provide the necessary means for people to keep their workstations clean. Consider the number of things we all touch in a day. That includes the meals we eat at lunch and on our breaks. Our computers, desks and other work materials are bound to get dirty if we’re not properly washing up. On Healthline.com, Ryan Wallace recommends that employees clean their workspaces with antibacterial wipes regularly.

3. Implement “stretch breaks”. HealthyChoicesAtWork.com recommends that workers get up and walk around every few hours. This helps to clear their heads and keep them more energized. Naturally, employees get regular breaks throughout the day. But by implementing smaller stretch breaks every couple of hours to allow your team members to get up, stretch and allow their blood to circulate, you’ll be energizing your staff. As the site points out, “research has shown that workers who are more physically active during the day tend to be more productive.”

4. Encourage outside-of-the-office lunches. Wallace believes that it’s an unhealthy practice to eat lunch at your workstation. So why not make it a rule that no one can eat at their desks? Not only will it make for a much cleaner and neater working environment, it will help your staff members get those much-needed mental breaks as well. Encourage your employees to get up and get out when their lunches and break times come.

5. Keep things light. As a business owner, one of the best things you can do for your staff is exhibit a positive attitude. Boosting employee morale is a great way to keep the members of your team both healthy and productive. As HealthyChoicesAtWork.com points out, “negativity draws everyone down and decreases productivity and employee morale. If you believe that you can have successful outcomes, you have greatly increased your chance of being successful.”

6. Make water available. Do you have a water cooler at your place of business? If not, get one! It should go without saying that water provides the cleansing hydration we all need to function on a regular basis. Wallace notes that water is “one of the most plentiful resources in the office… that gets ignored the most.” It helps for the mind and body to work efficiently, he adds. Not to mention, providing this source of refreshment allows for easy pick-me-ups for everyone on your staff.