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About Us

about-womanWhat’s in a name?

Independence; Merriam-Webster defines this in part as follows:

Not dependent: as 1) : not requiring or relying on something else : not contingent (2) : not requiring or relying on others (as for care or livelihood)

Incorporate is defined by Merriam-Webster in part as follows:

To unite or work into something already existent so as to form an indistinguishable whole: to blend or combine thoroughly: to give material form; to embody.

In the work that we do, we often end up combining (incorporating) appropriate programs and services that facilitate the independence of the clients we serve. Thus the name, Independence Incorporated.

Who We Are?

Independence Incorporated is a vocational rehabilitation company committed to providing client focused services to enhance overall independence both at home and in the workplace. We provide a wide range of services in the area of disability management and vocational rehabilitation.

We are committed to ensuring ongoing benefits of our involvement in the work we are asked to do. Our commitment to a humanistic approach to vocational rehabilitation and disability management, while being sensitive to the constraints and realities of financial resources, has proven to be a successful combination of values in the growth of our company.

Who Benefits from our Services?


We recognize that our clients, whether from injury or illness, are often in a period of transition towards improved health and functioning. We facilitate this process in the most appropriate manner as dictated by their needs. Our clients benefit from our individualized attention to their situation.

Customers (Referral Sources)

Our customers are insurance companies and/or employers who have obligations under their contractual agreements or policies to provide medical and vocational rehabilitation services to policy holders or employees during their time of need. With our involvement appropriate services are put into place to enhance recovery rates and optimize independence. Clients not only return to work earlier, but do so realistically to decrease the risk of re-injury or claim reactivation.

Family Physicians / Treatment Providers 

Part of our role is ensuring open communication with family physicians and all treatment providers involved with our clients. With clients’ consent treatment providers receive regular reports generated by Independence case managers. Our practice of open communication has proven to be a valuable tool in the development of a team approach promoting client independence.

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