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Erickson Services

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Services available in at our Erickson, Manitoba Clinic

Erickson Physio and Acupuncture Services:

Physiotherapy Treatment – we provide a full range
of physiotherapy services to treat joint and muscle
issues and injuries. The clinic is provisioned with all
the equipment to adapt to your unique situation.

Acupuncture integrated with active exercise
therapy – combining the motion of exercise with the
treatment of acupuncture can lead to much faster
results than either alone.

Acute & Chronic Pain Management and Education
– living with pain can be discouraging and can limit
participation in life activities.We can recommend
pain treatments and strategies to get you moving.

Post-operative Joint Replacement Rehabilitation
the operation is only the first step to getting back your
full mobility.We can provide education on specific
exercises and coaching for continued improvement.

Progressive Goal Attainment Program fosters
reintegration to daily life through PGAP, a 10-week,
evidence-based program helping our clients regain
confidence and control over their lives.

Return to Work Planning – giving people
information and tools to be able to get back to work
as quickly as possible.We can assist with information
to help you advocate for yourself.

Impairment Assessments, Functional Job Demand
Evaluations – we work with you and your employer
to determine adjustments necessary for your return
to the workplace, or help you in your new job search.

Independent Physical Examinations – we can do
insurance evaluations, provide a second opinion on a
stubborn issue, and we can support you if you require
an assistive device to improve your mobility.

Please phone us or drop by our Erickson office to make an appointment for you or the person you are helping care for.We aim to focus our services on the needs of our clients, leading them to a more independent work and home life.

Independence Incorporated has offices in Winnipeg and Erickson. Find out more at www.indep.ca

Extended Hours in Erickson!

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Picture of the front of the clinic, with a ramp.
The Erickson Clinic

We are happy to announce that Independence Incorporated’s Erickson clinic now is open Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. to provide all of your physiotherapy needs.  We also can provide assistance with the completion of forms for tax credits and benefits such as the Disability Tax Credit, Canada Pension Plan Disability, etc., help with budgeting and other general financial information, in addition to job search support.

Physiotherapist Heather Howdle, BMRPT, MPT has many years of experience in all types of physiotherapy services, including accupuncture.  She is also skilled in providing support for rehabilitation, return to work, service coordination, pain management and a full range of assessments.

Find out more by downloading this leaflet.