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Finding Perfect Fits Through Our Job Search Assistance Program

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Teamwork at officeFinding a job can be tough. And it’s even tougher when you haven’t been a member of the work force for some time. Naturally, when a person becomes ill or injured, it’s important for him or her to think with a “health first” attitude. So, when a person recovers, he or she may not have been thinking about working for quite a while. In many cases, people recovering from health issues have the opportunity to return to their original jobs.

And, in many other cases, recovered individuals need to seek new employment. As you can imagine, many of them have a “where do I go from here?” state of mind. And that can be expected. It makes sense that they would need some assistance with finding a new job. This is where Independence Incorporated’s “Job Search Assistance Program” comes in. It is designed to comfortably reacquaint job-seekers with the world of work.

Essentially, the program begins for our clients once realistic and reasonable occupational choices have been decided upon. It is tailored to the specific and unique needs of each individual client. This way, we know that we will be helping to put the right people in the right job positions. It’s hard enough to return to work after a long layoff as it is. The last thing anyone would want would be to begin a job that he or she is uncomfortable with.

There are a number of components to the “Job Search Assistance Program”. As you may have guessed, it begins with finding the answers to some of the more obvious questions that one would ask when it comes to beginning a job search. What lines of work are you interested in? What type of work experience do you have? What are your strongest attributes and talents? We then move on to performing some or all of the following components of the program.

Regular client meetings. By meeting with our clients on a regular basis, we are able to establish the various responsibilities and obligations we have during the job search process. The meetings include discussions about setting goals and establishing an activity log. Naturally, some of the above listed questions get answered more clearly during this step of the process. It’s all about finding our clients the right fit.

Resume preparation. As you can imagine, a major component to landing a new job position is preparing an adequate résumé. Last month, in our “6 Steps To Creating The Perfect Résumé” blog, we offered a number of great tips to help job-seekers to get it right. This component of the “Job Search Assistance Program” also includes interview coaching and network development. Our most recently posted blog, “6 Steps To Having Strong Job Interviews” is also an important read.

Daily review of classified employment ads. There’s nothing like looking for a job when you’re…looking for a job! It’s important to put in a concerted effort to locate as many employment opportunities as possible before deciding upon the ones you wish to interview for. We review newspapers and the internet for job postings but also work with a network of employment centres to help our clients find well-suited job opportunities.

At Independence Incorporated, we’re very mindful of the stress and pressure that people endure when they are out looking for work. Our efforts make it easier for clients to locate jobs that they are best suited for. A less stressful approach to job finding makes the entire process a lot more worthwhile. For more information about our Job Search Assistance Program please feel free to call us at 204-478-6644.

6 Steps To Having Strong Job Interviews

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Manager interviewing a male applicantPreparing for a job interview is hard enough when you haven’t had a long layoff from the work force. Not only are you required to overcome some of the anxiety that comes with being put on the spot and having to answer questions, but you must reacquaint yourself with the ins and outs of the world of work. Job interviews can be harrowing experiences, for some. And at Independence Incorporated, we offer Interview Coaching to make things a lot easier for you.

When our clients are away from the work force for extended time periods, we offer a review of effective interview strategies that is often very helpful in helping them to rebuild their confidence. We know that it isn’t easy to start your career all over again. It’s hard enough just to get back to a state of good health and strength. There are a number of steps to be taken to get back to a good job position. Here are six tips to help you have strong job interviews.

1. Get to know the company you are applying to work for. Before an interviewer can get to know you, it’s important that you do your research about the company. “Knowing as much as possible about the company’s past performance and future plans can make your interview more interactive and could be just the leg up you need in a competitive job market,” writes Alison Doyle on About.com. She recommends that you start with reviewing the company’s website.

2. Dress the part. You know what they say about first impressions, right? It’s important to make sure that you impress your interviewer the moment he or she lays eyes on you. On BitesizeBio.com, Allison Ross insists that dressing professionally is a critical part of any successful job interview. “Casual is not good and gives the wrong impression,” she writes, “for a professional career position, get it right and buy that killer suit.”

3. Practice makes perfect. You always studied before you took tests in school, right? Well, consider your job interview your next big test. That means that you should practice what you plan to say and how you plan to say it before the actual interview takes place. “Practice with a friend and record or videotape your responses so you can replay the interview and see how well you did,” recommends Doyle.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It is true that a standard job interview places the interviewer in the position of ‘question-asker’ and the interviewee in the position of ‘question-answerer’. But, believe it or not, your interviewer wants you to ask questions. It shows that you genuinely care about the job position and are curious to learn more. “You don’t have to wait until the end of the interview to ask questions,” encourages Ross.

5. Keep your calm. Doyle points out that it’s important to stay calm throughout your interview. It’s normal to be nervous. But showing poise can go a long way. “It is perfectly acceptable to take a moment or two to frame your responses so you can be sure to fully answer the question,” she reminds us. She also advises that you always thank your interviewers at the end of each interview, reminding them of your interest in the job position.

6. Be on time. All of the above mentioned tips are great. But they won’t come in very handy if you don’t show up for your interview on time! Tardiness is certainly not a trait that any company wants in a new employee. Instead, “arrive 10 minutes before – and if you’re too early then take a walk around the block,” suggests Ross, “Just don’t leave it until 5 minutes before the interview is due to start.”

For more information on Independence Incorporated’s Interview Coaching, please feel free to call 204-478-6644.