102 – 90 Garry St. Winnipeg, MB R3C 4H1 - Phone: (204) 478-6644, Fax: 204-478-6677 - info@indep.ca

Victor Andres, CEO

Rehabilitation Consultant/PGAP Clinician

Telephone: 204-474-2228
Cell: 204-471-5668
Email: victor@indep.ca

As President of Independence Incorporated, Victor maintains an active and varied caseload, assisting clients with the management of complex medical, rehabilitation and return to work issues. Services delivered include:

  • counselling individuals as they adjust to disabilities and the resulting impact on their ability and/or inability to work
  • coordination of programs of rehabilitation including arranging specialized assessments, and facilitating the resulting recommendations
  • consensus and team building amongst key stakeholders in the return to work process, including employees, employers, care providers and insurers

Over the past 26 years as a Registered Nurse, Victor has become well known in the community for his client focused and comprehensive approach to disability case management. He brings a unique perspective and ability to assess and remove barriers to recovery and return to work plans. This includes facilitating a wide range of return to work scenarios despite inherently complex rehabilitation challenges. Services provided in English and Victor is also fluent in Spanish.