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Safeguarding of personal information

Collecting Personal Information: 

We obtain informed consent every time we collect personal information. If the personal information is collected and transferred to us by another party we ensure that party has consent to a) collect the information and b) transfer it to us. We identify the purposes for the collection, and limit collection to that which is reasonably necessary for the identified purposes. We only collect personal information through fair, informed and lawful means.

Using Personal Information: 

We use personal information only for the purposes identified and consented to upon collection. These purposes relate directly and reasonably to the services for which we have been solicited to provide. We do not share personal or contact information with other parties for marketing purposes.

Disclosing Personal Information: 

We do not disclose personal information without informed consent, including knowledge of who the information will be disclosed to and for what purposes. We limit disclosure of personal information to authorized parties and for the purposes reasonably necessary to complete the services for which we have been solicited to provide. When disclosing personal information to another party(ies) upon consent, we take Reasonable measures to ensure all parties are aware of our privacy policy, contractual rights, and their legal obligations.

Safeguarding Personal Information: 

We ensure that all personal information is reasonably secure in relation to its sensitivity when in our possession in any form. All personal information is safeguarded with restricted access to those authorized and securely stored for no longer than necessary. All personal information is destroyed when no longer needed in a secure manner appropriate to the data’s form.

All of our employees are trained on our Privacy Commitment and Policy and Code of Conduct, and informed of their obligations under applicable legislation. All staff is subject to disciplinary measure and/or dismissal when in violation of our Code of Conduct and/or applicable legislation.

In any situation where service delivery demands the transfer of personal information to another party, we further take reasonable measures to ensure that all third parties a) are aware of our Privacy Policy and Commitment and b) are aware of their obligations under applicable legislation.

Accuracy of Personal Information: 

We accept responsibility in keeping all personal information accurate and up-to-date as is necessary for the purposes of collection, use, and disclosure. We will comply with any request to make accurate or update personal information when necessary for the purposes of collection, use, and disclosure.

Access to Personal Information: 

We will comply with clients’ requests to access personal information in order to verify that it is accurate and updated. We ask that requests be made in writing. Access will be granted within 30 days of our receipt of this request. Should more time be required due to the nature of the request, a new timeline for provision will be given in writing.

In situations where we are legally prohibited from allowing access to a client’s personal information, we will advise the client as to why we cannot grant them access, subject to any legal restrictions.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please feel free to contact me directly at 478-6644. I welcome your inquiries on this most important issue.

Victor Andres, RN, BN