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Financial Education

Money Talks, and the Talk of Money

Financial management coaching for claimants experiencing long-term disability or serious illness
When a person is confronted by changes in their life due to a new disability or serious illness, they are often overwhelmed and frightened by the impact it has on their finances. It puts a whole new spin on the old saying “Money talks”. In these situations, the talk of money is always stressful and money related talks between family partners are usually negative and self – defeating.

Research exploring the need for financial management information for people when they are new to these circumstances, demonstrates that the earlier and more assertively someone examines their new financial situation, the better their outcomes in the future.

Independence Incorporated has developed a new program, “Money Talks, and the Talk of Money”, designed to help our clients through this challenging transition. Presented by Zanna Joyce, an experienced financial educator, the series of individual consultations and, where suitable, group session opportunities, will take people through the following process:

  • evaluating where they stand financially,
  • identifying what their ideals and goals are in relation to their finances,
  • learning to research additional supports that might be available,
  • developing effective relationships with service providers,
  • planning for the future, including further changes to their financial situation with life events

While the focus of the program is on financial management, the spillover effects of these new tools, also improves their prospects in many other areas of their lives.

This can lead to greater compliance with treatment options as they endeavour to put as much of the disruption they have experienced behind them.

  • They develop more optimism and confidence that they can build a future for themselves and their loved ones.
  • They may be more willing to carry out physical or psychological rehabilitation programs, more committed to learning opportunities, and more engaged with their social networks.
  • All of these will help them to move forward.

Consultations and group sessions will take place at Independence Incorporated premises, B1 – 90 Garry St. Individual consultations can begin immediately.  For further information, please contact Victor Andres at 204-474-2228 or via email at victor@indep.ca.