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Introducing “Money Talks, and the Talk of Money”

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saving moneyIn our last blog, we detailed a number of ways in which people can save money during bouts with injuries or illnesses that prevent them from working. We also introduced a great new program offered by Independence Incorporated known as “Money Talks, and the Talk of Money”. It’s all about financial education. The program is geared to help those who are experiencing long-term disabilities or serious illnesses to manage their money in the best ways possible.

We know that it’s already a difficult situation to have to be nursing an injury or illness. The physical toll that it takes on your body is hard enough. At the same time, you are forced to deal with the emotional strain that is commonplace within those who are battling through tough times. Not to mention, the financial stress you may endure due to an inability to work is an added problem we could all do without. This is where our new program kicks in.

“Money Talks, and the Talk of Money” acknowledges that the very discussion of money can be a stressful occurrence. The many discussions that you are likely having or are likely to have with your loved ones can take on very negative tones that result in further depression and self-defeating attitudes. The program assists individuals who are new to these situations in an effort to help them make sound plans for financial management.

The better one’s attitude is towards his or her future, the easier the road will be to attaining financial success. Zanna Joyce is an experienced financial educator who helped to design and present “Money Talks, and the Talk of Money”. The program offers a series of individual consultations in addition to group sessions. Throughout each consultation or session, participants are taken through a thorough process of developing money management skills.

Firstly, they are required to evaluate their present financial situations. They then go on to identify their specific financial goals. Participants are given information about how to research support opportunities to better their financial situations and develop effective relationships with service providers. Planning for the future is a big part of the program. One of the biggest benefits of “Money Talks, and the Talk of Money” is that it inspires greater hope for the future.

And we’re not just talking about your financial future. We’ve found that one of the greatest aspects of the program is that it motivates individuals to think more positively about their lives in general. As a result, participants are greatly encouraged to bring themselves back to better states of health, putting their past troubles behind them. Developing optimism, after all, is an essential part of one’s overall success.

By encouraging participants of the program to be better with their money, they develop a stronger sense of confidence. In turn, they are often more willing to fulfil their obligations towards their physical or psychological rehabilitation programs. They become more engaged with their caregivers, physiotherapists and even friends and family members. All in all, they are in better positions to move forward with their lives.

At Independence Incorporated, we offer the “Money Talks, and the Talk of Money” program at our 204 – 90 Garry St. address in Winnipeg. Our consultations and group sessions take place right on our premises. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for information about each of the two types of programs. For further information, please contact me by calling 204-474-2228 or emailing at victor@indep.ca.